Stupidity Gone Too Far … Vive le Quebec!

Although the title may sound like I am about to start a political diatribe, I am not.  The situation I am about to describe occurs in Quebec, and may or may not occur in other jurisdictions.

Imagine your average convicted criminal behind bars in jail.  Now there are several things he can do to amuse himself.  Since this is Canada, we know very well that there is a good chance he has cable television and may even have a satellite feed.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he had better internet access than I do either.  Or, prison love aside, he can pass the time by working at one of several jobs which pays a tiny wage.  Now imagine that John Q. Convict is sweeping the floor, and slips on a puddle of (insert any liquid/bodily fluid desired) water.

What do you think happens?  Exactly!  He falls!  Now what happens if the fall is serious enough to injure himself or prevent him from working?  What’s that kids, did I hear, “He goes back into his cell”?  Well if that was your answer then you are wrong!  He collects worker compensation (or CSST as we call it in Quebec).

Now is it that I am really frickin’ stupid, or does there seem to be something inherently wrong with this.  And here is the kicker – they get TRIPLE THE FUCKING MONEY on workers comp.  Look, if you don’t believe me, and can read French, here is the reference.  Prison wage is $2.90/hour and when they go on CSST they get 90% of minimum wage which is $8.50.  This means that while an inmate is sitting in his cell scratching his ass his is getting paid $290/week until they get healed.  This equates to $15,000 a year.  OMFG.  This is wrong.  They should be working and they shouldn’t be getting paid as they are getting free room and board.

And before some lily livered liberal starts telling me that their (the convicts’) human rights are being violated by the mere fact that they are being incarcerated – stop.  Just shut up.  Stick your head back into reality for a few minutes, take a deep breath, hold it, keep on holding it, yep – keep on holding it…  Ok now that the freaks have all passed out I can continue for those of you intelligent enough not to be lily livered liberals and/or not doing everything I say.

Back to the idea at hand.  They have committed a crime and been found guilty thereof by a jury of their peers. (I would like to make a side note at this point that 12 people too stupid to get off of jury duty are definitely not my peers.)

Let us say, for the sake of argument, that the system is not totally screwed up and that most, if not all, of the people in jail deserve to be there – then why the fuck are we PAYING THEM?  It is very rare that I am so dumbfounde that I can’t even make a stupid comment.  This is one of those times, so…

Timmy Out

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8 Responses to “Stupidity Gone Too Far … Vive le Quebec!”

  1. Bob says:

    Taking shots at Liberals does not make your argument any stronger as a matter of fact, if you checked when the legislation was changed in Quebec to pay your convicts such nice incomes you would find that it was your ever loving separtists that decided to pay them a pension plan while sitting in jail.
    And so to correct your comments LIBERALS are not lilly livered, in fact, we’d probably scare even the most Conservative of you Quebecers when it comes to punishment for crimes. And also as I know you well know the PQ and the BLOQ are not Liberal but are Social Democrats and therefore further left than most centrist Liberals in Canada. So keep on track and leave us real Liberals out out of your rant, really…… HAve you considered running for the leadership of the ADQ. I understand they’re looking for a leader. You’d be better than Bernier!

  2. Timmy says:

    Bob: Of all people, I thought you would have realized that the political party does not own the term Liberal and as such I wasn’t referring to the Liberal party of Canada. I was refering to people who have a misguided notion that individual rights must trump the greater good at all cost.

  3. Gaston says:

    Quebec is one truly messed up province. I hate to say it, because I grew up there. I love my home. But it seriously needs a reality slap (punch) to the face. When you get as petty as having an organization called the “Language Police”, you have at that point officially become an IDIOT. They actually pay morons to go around looking at signs and judging them on the choice of language used and the size of the words. I doubt you could find any fool multi-lingual place anywhere in the world that went to that extent…..only Quebec.

  4. Eric says:

    Timmy… don’t worry about Bob.
    Bob… learn how to spell if you want to be taken seriously.
    Timmy… great blog.

  5. Eric says:

    Time to spank Quebec.

  6. chuck says:

    You don’t seem to be aware that these people are still Canadian citizens. They’re not going to spend the rest of their life in jail. What’s going to happen if they keep working with a severe injury? It will get worse and then when they’re released they’ll not only be an ex-convict, they’ll also be physically unable to much of anything. So what will they do then? Not only would they be eligible for disability payments but could also sue the government for doing this damage to them.
    Prison isn’t all about punishment [or revenge] but also about rehabilitation. Not everyone in prison is a murdering child rapists.
    You want to know why we pay them? How else do suggest we get them to work? They’re in jail, there’s not much more you can do to them.
    I do however find the wage difference quite strange, but it’s not a big enough raise to encourage anyone to hurt themself in order to get on workers comp. I don’t know if you’ve ever had an injury serious enough to prevent going to work, but it’s not worth minimum wage. That and the fact that you would probably want to be in your best shape if you’re in jail [self-defense against all them murdering child rapists].
    And one last thing. You’re honestly saying that people that serve jury duty are stupid? Maybe some of us care about our country and it’s justice system. While you’re busy writing away your rage, some of us are making real contributions to society.

  7. Wall says:

    It is truth “vive le Quebec libre” et je suis partie du Quebec!!!
    I moved with my family in Toronto. I’m Canadian from Russa. We arrived 13 years ago in Quebec for democracy from Russia. I could’nt find the job & quebecers told me no french-no job. So, need french? It’s taked 3 years study very hard. I gate loan as every body, I worked
    partime-general work. But any way no job. I started my own busines receptionist in building gave the only information.
    After 8 years the problem has started, come inspector from commite paritaire des agents des securite and against me have brought an action that I work as security – I assure you, that it not the truth, Inspector send me to the court. On court inspector often repeated that I’m Russian nationality also workers Russian nationality (though Canadians all for a long time), inspector as broke rules of conducting on court, but the court told me, that I’m guilty and that I’m obliged pay the penalty. My company it’s dead, havy penalty. And my company closed. Me caused in police and frightened that I should stop work. Where is your democracy?

  8. Wall says:

    Now I would like to say to Quebec, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, that those huge problems gave to go to Toronto and I get what I want..! We can say that what happens with us – its not by accident- it by our dreams.
    Thanks again..!

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